If it looks good, eat it!

“If it looks good, eat it”. This is the motto that Andrew Zimmern lives by on his TV show Bizarre Foods. The concept of the show is based on travelling the world and experiencing foods influenced by different cultures. Andrew takes the time to educate viewers on how certain foods are acquired, prepared and adopted into the culinary lifestyles of the locals. Foods that may seem strange and repulsive to us can be a delicacy to many other cultures, but as foreign as the food may seem, Andrew is never hesitant to try it.

Many people who travel seek adventures related to scenery and activities, but rarely food. Expanding our horizons and trying new foods can be scary, since we may not know how our body will react, but guess what, that’s what adventures are made of.

I’m pleased to say that one of the episodes of Bizarre Foods featured my home country of Trinidad and Tobago. With a one hour episode to work with, I’d have to say that Andrew sampled some of the key dishes from the islands, where a few can earn its righteous place in the ‘bizarre’ category. The highlight of the episode is when Andrew claimed that the ‘bake n’ shark’ dish he ate was one of his top 10 all time foods. This is to be highly revered, coming from a chef like Andrew who has probably tried the best of best when it comes to food around the world. I am privileged to have also tried the ‘bake n’ shark’, but while it is a very good dish, I do not rank it amongst my top picks. However, the ‘doubles’ dish which Andrew tried in the episode would be touted as one of my all time favourite foods.

When you put ‘adventure’ and ‘food’ in the same sentence, I’m open minded and willing to experiment. A long time ago, I thought sushi was strange, but now it has grown to be one of my favourite types of food. As for foods that I’ve eaten, which may fall into the ‘bizarre’ category to some people are goat stomach, cow stomach, cow heel, pig feet, frog legs and raw beef. This is nowhere close to the calibre of foods that Andrew has featured on his show, which is why I can admire his enthusiasm and passion for experimenting with food. This characteristic has inspired me to take my culinary adventure to the next level, so when I’m at a restaurant or another travel destination I’ll be a little riskier in my choices. Like they say, with great risk, comes great reward, so if worse comes to worst then the most I’ll be losing is a little appetite.

Bon appétit,

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